Sunday, November 2, 2008

Upbeat over rivals defeat...

YEA !!!!! today i feel kind of happy.. lolx.. you know why ? yesterday, 2 of the Big 4 dropped points... haha...

Arsenal lost to the newly promoted team Stoke City... I predicted they will lose and they did.. because Arsenal aint that great in defending aerial ball.. and Stoke City have this guy whose throw-ins is like rockets.. fly far and high.. haha.. so they conceded two goals from throw-ins and Van Persie red card.. thank goodness.. MU will be playing Arsenal in the next match.. haha..

Liverpool.. i wonder what happened ler.. inconsistent i would say.. didn't watch.. so no idea... only Chelsea.. zzz.. they played such a good game.. score 5 goals... hope they have some injury crisis soon.. bwahahahahhaahhhahaahaaaa... and no, i'm not evil

Today, i also decided to quit children cell... so won't be joining anymore next year.. next week will be the last though.. it has been fun... i didn't do much.. just play with the kids ma.. haha.. what so hard =D

Hv been there for quite some years... and the first few who actually went and helped.. because we have nothing to do and hang around in church so somehow got dragged in.. lol after we joined.. more and more people came.. isn't that a good thing? haha.. it grew to quite a numbers of helpers.. so the older ones should retire.. hehe..

lazy to write liao.. next time first la.. haha

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