Monday, October 27, 2008

You guys know what ? I have plenty of ideas on what to blog about... =)

I don't know what to write... I'm just too lazy and not motivated to write anything... and yea.. probably anything you could thought of as an excuse will be my excuse for not posting...

I should write something anyway.. oh yea.. and i wrote this paragraph like 2 hours after i finished the above sentences.. haha... so you get an idea how lazy i am.. it's actually 10pm now... despite the posting time of 8pm...

For the past weeks, i have no idea what am i doing..

On Saturday, din go out la.. watch Everton against MU... even though it's disappointing to see a draw... but their performance ain't that bad.. not gonna say much to avoid stirring the rivalry between clubs.. haha.... let's just wait and see..

Sunday, went to church as usual, meeting and children cell.. typical sunday la.. haha.. Then, at night, went out with family to have dinner.. After that, went to Nelson's house.. there was like six of us going to his house.. haha.. great ain't it ? We watch Chelsea against Liverpool... lolx... then Jun Yong and Eric came and join us..

AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY ERIC CAME... haha.. he wasn't a fan of football... probably because of the 2 big teams.. he just shout "GOAL!!!!!!!" at every possible occasion.. haha..

After the match, i set up the finally-fixed-xbox-360... almost one year since i touch it.. lol... so play until quite late... slept around 2 i think ? then woke up at 6 by the maid.. haha.. nvm oso la.. because needed to go to the family day... tried to wake the others up... but they are sleeping soundly.. lol.. so only me and ze kuan.. we walked there.. as it was quite close.. and serve as a warm up la..

The family day.. ok la.. nothing much oso.. i went away and go play basketball because i was too bored.. hehe... i was in the red team... we did quite ok and we got second if you count from the back that is.. haha.. then.. went to have lunch.. play in cyber for awhile.. and went home to sleep until just now at 7.. then i started to write this post and i wrote about not having idea on what to blog.. and just read from the top again.. you will know.. yea.. haha