Thursday, November 6, 2008

Preparing for holiday... =D

On Tuesday, i came across a seller in he's selling A LOT of movies.. so i took the opportunity and bought some... all original DVD at RM10 each.. =)

How could i let this opportunity slip ?

If you have problem counting.. it's 14 DVDs and 1 VCD... someone please tell me my head is ok...

PS: I Love You If you guys wan to get anything, visit this site : and tell me.. i can help you get it.. RM10 only ma..


Sam Vun said...

how come mostly those romantic movies de? xD

lauwy said...

that's a good question .. haha.. the action movies are quite old.. or i have watch them already...

only 300 i think it's worth buying =P

shuds said...

hye there :)
ive tried to access the address
that u stated, but it doesnt seems to work or sumtin like the add has no longer existed. ouh poor me :(
im lookin fer dvd's and boxset vcd's as well :( wud u or somebody helps me where to get cheap dvd/vcd with quality here online or ofline in mlaysia?