Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Gadgets!!!

My new babies gadgets arrive like one week ago.

I was so excited!!!!!!! because i have been wanting to buy this like since January/February ?

i couldn't because i was distracted financially.. i bought this and that and left with no $$$.. haha...

so here it is... Audio Technica M40fs...

every time i listen to it.... it just blows my mind ears off... =D

you have no idea how clear a sound can be until you listen to this headphone... totally different when i was listening to my fav songs... because you can hear all the sound range came out .. and it's really clear... not to forget... it's comfortable to wear it... even after long hour of usage..

Tht's all for today... it's to balance up my previous post... too long.. so dis one gonna be short la .. haha