Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dark Knight...

Before it came out, i thought this movie is gonn
a be action packed like all the superhero movies.. I was wrong... haha.. There was some really good action in it, but it's not tht much. They kinda balance it up between talking and batman show off his batsuit or his 5,000-pound batmobile. The batmobile even got a real jet engine in it with 6 tanks of propane gas. Right...

Honestly, i did
n't expect much from this movie. It's just .. another superhero movie.. i thought.. But wait.. is Batman even a superhero ? haha.. he's a normal human with a lot of money.. and yes.. it's a hella lot of money.. haha.. He have his "friend" to build a batsuit and a batmobile for him... and he start saving ppl's life.. But actually d people in Gotham City didn't really like him, do they ?

Joker.. on
the other side.. was perfectly carried out the joker's personality by Heath Ledger... even though he's dead.. They want Oscar to be given to him.. Why ? Because he's just great in this film..
Joker was a really crazy guy.. Nothing about him was known.. Except he's really smart .. I just wonder who's gonna act in this role in the Batman movies to come.. since Heath Ledger is dead.. whoever's gonna take up the role better not messed it up.. haha..

It's 2 and a half hour.. you will definitely feel abit lenghty... but it's not draggy.. get what i mean ? you will not think that the movie is too long.. it's just nice in how long the director intended to be... i will probably give it a 8 out of 10... highly recommended..

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