Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolution 2009

Bwahaha... i thought of it some time ago.. i should set some goals in the new year... Finally serious abt my life.. i hope.. =P and i thought if i blog about it... people will know and they might remind when i forgot.. haha...

So here goes ..

Resolution #1 - Study Harder

Since i'm accepted into ISM to study a level.. i really should buckle up and study harder.. no more laying-back attitude.. if not, i'm gonna suffer.. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Resolution #2 - Save More Money

I went too much travelling this year and couldn't save much money... So i will try to travel less, even thought i already have plans to HK in March... I plan to buy a notebook, hopefully MacBook or MacBook Pro.. tht depends how much i save.. lol

Resolution #3 - Use the com less

It probably sound weird coming from me.. haha.. but yes.. I have decided to online less... So i can have more time to study.. haha.. if you see me on9 too often, do gently remind me =P

Resolution #4 - Have some time to do running

Having ply football for so many years as my main exercise... It's kinda hard to not ply it.. But since most of my fren left or going to leave soon... I want to take up running as sports.. Probably gonna do it everyday early in the morning... Not sure how it will work out tho.. lol

Resolution #5 - Get car license ASAP..

Well.. maybe not ASAP.. haha.. it's not like i have a car... and if i get my license later, i could enjoy my friends fetching me.. lol... just kidding...

Resolution #6 - Last and most important, to have a close relationship with God

Need more explanation ? haha


Ze Hao said...

UINAH!!!!someone's got a RESOLUTION worrrrrrr.....
good resolutions...
i'm sure u will look back when its 2010 and say..."ahhh, i haf done my job!!"

Rossy said...

wow,new year's resolution!
i think you missed the most imporant one
Give Ze Kuan rm200 to spend every month

lauwy said...

lol.. right..