Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trip to KL...

First, I want to say sorry for those who want some puddings.. haha.. i found out the next day.. it is for sale.. XD So no pudding for y'all.. Luckily i also din eat it.. -.-"

I went to KL on the 16th.. Then took a bus to Ipoh... My grandma have a surgery on one of the knees.. so plan to visit her to c how's she doing... She's doing fine.. even though walking is a bit of a problem.. She went back for check up the other day.. and the doctor say the wound heal up pretty nicely.. I spent 3 days in Ipoh.. it's actually not in Ipoh. but a small town called.. sth.. which i forgot.. hehe.. I ate some cheapest and nicest food.. haha..

Then, on the 19th, took a taxi to KL directly to my uncle's house.. after putting all our luggage there.. went to Midvalley straightaway.. and Pavillon the next day.. bought shirts, pants, belts, ties, vest and shoes ? quite a lot.. hmm...

Then, on the 21st, i have to go to the camp called International FQ Camp.. i was told it's in English.. and turned out to be mostly Chinese anyway.. good thing i still understand Chinese.. haha.. tho i prefer English..

The camp was the strict-est i have ever been to.. the first thing we did upon arrival was to put all our handphones, wallets, watches, and any valuable things into a plastic bag.. and give it to them.. GREAT.. i was like disconnected from the world.. haha.. not forgetting the camp was held somewhere near the border between Selangor and Seremban..

This camp required us to do lots of things... FIRST, gather when we hear d whistle in 10 seconds.. damn right.. 10 seconds.. there was around 80 ppl in the camp.. if we can't do it, we will be punished.. SECOND, shower in 3 minutes.. boys and girls alike.. THIRD, Cook ourselves.. no gas stove ok ? u have to gather branches and all kind of stuff.. lol.. no plates given.. use ur hand..

Sounds like hell right ? lol.. we have no sense of time.. all of our watch are confiscated.. we have no idea wat time it is.. lol.. so sad.. the second day of the camp.. we woke up at ungodly hours.. how did we wake up ? we heard d whistle.. everyone rushed out to line up.. i only woke up wen the camp commander count down until 5.. i have 5 sec to jump down from my bed and run downstair to line up.. amazing stuff..

At night, there was an event called "向死亡挑战 (Challenge Death?)"... the camp was held near a mountain.. so dis event basically is go to the mountain and stayed a night there.. they gave us a choice.. before that, they scared us with all kinds of story.. like how u might found a skeleton, u might met wildboars, might get lost, and shit... i did believe them.. but i wasn't scared.. fine, mayb a lil.. =P

u can choose to go or stay in ur bed comfortably.. of course, being me, i chose stay in my bed comfortably.. but the camp organizer challenged me indirectly to stay.. i was like ... it could be fun.. then it sounded even more real when they asked us to write our 遗书.. and perform religious practice.. they asked the Christian to stayed in the room.. and we ate bread and drink wine.. coz it might be our last supper they say.. -.-"

when we were going up to the mountain, we queued up.. so there was dis girl behind me.. from Brunei.. she was afraid and walked kinda slow.. she cudn't keep up with the people infront of her.. so i did helped her by holding her hands until we arrived somewhere..

when i was there, it was nothing like they said.. it was a nice experience .. haha.. at first, of course i was scared.. we have to stayed in a designated place alone.. when the wind blew.. it felt kinda creepy.. but after a few times.. it was enjoyable.. haha.. i tried to sleep, but failed..

after the camp, went back to my uncle's house.. and left the next day..

tht event's purpose was to overcome our fear and blah blah blah.. the camp was ok oso la.. he wanted to change our character... so tht's all for this trip.. i do recommend anyone to go.. if interested.. haha..


❤Kwang Ling❤ said...

the girl... aha.. the girl.. u wrote it... guai.. aharx

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lauwy said...

lol.. i thought it up while i was up half asleep lining up.. i was like.. "what are we doing at this ungodly hours?"

i can't even see the sun.. it muz be 5am or 6am... -.-"

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