Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm finally back..

After one two day of rest, i think i'm ready to write about my trip to KK.. haha

I kind of forgot about what happened... At first we arrived, it's kinda late.. took a bus down to where we are staying.. it's further than 1Borneo.. quite inconvenient.. but it's ok..

The first few days was just looking around.. window shopping.. scouting what's nice... counting if we have enough money.. did all the maths.. haha.. tht's it..

Then comes Sunday, of course we are all very good kids and go to church... so we woke up earlier... and decided that to go to the other side of the road to take the bus down... because the past 2 days... the bus is always empty on the other side and when it came to us.. it's always full.. We went to another side of the road to take the bus.. and it went all the way up to Politeknik... which is real far.. and by the time we get to church.. we're already 40 minutes late...

As y'all know, Ze Hao is leaving to Korea for almost 1 and a half month.. so 7 of us went to the MAS Airport to send him.. We were in McD... because they have free refills.. bwahaha.. so we sat there until 12am... then took some pictures.. and Ze Hao went in to the gate and our eyes are filled with tears... lol..

After that, we went and asked the taxi how much it is to go back to our place.. the girl at the counter said Rm40/car ... since it's already midnight.. they double charged.. So, we were quite reluctant.. haha.. and jokingly decided gonna sleep in the airport.. then we chatted abit and they slept at the chairs.. I'm too hungry to sleep.. so i went with 2 other friends to McD again... When i'm about to finish, they all came up and said they wan to go home.. haha.. i called the taxi David gave me.. and got 2 cars for RM60..

What else is there to write about ? hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. oh yea.. we went to Labuan... it was quite hectic trying to get there.. first, the ferry broke down.. so we can't take it.. got our refund.. took a bus to Menumbok.. hope i din spell wrongly.. den took a speedboat.. arrive at 6 sth... Then, we stayed in Nelson's aunt house.. not just one but two.. because we just have too many people.. haha.. we went to church.. and we are not late this time.. haha.. just in time.. met Rev. David, Roy, and Ka Seng... We also played futsal at night with them..

Nothing much after that i think.. they went shopping spree at the last 2 days... haha... You can see Rm2000 gone in a flash.. lol.. I only bought a futsal shoes... Gonna stop writing before you all drool on your keyboards...

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