Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lovin' It...

I mentioned that i bought a pair of shoes back in KK in my previous post.. So to make Ka Seng jealous, i decided to write this post..

While I was in the Adidas Original Store in CenterPoint, something caught my eyes... And no, i didn't mistaken it... It's the Stan Smith i have been eyeing it on the official website... I can't believe they have it here in KK..

So... to cut the long story short... I did buy it, of coz.. How could i let it slip away? The staff there told us there's only 12 pairs in the whole Malaysia ( 6 in KK, another 6 in Penang ) So me and nelson bought one pair each..

Here's the picture~

The box... Nel actually got the shoes because of the box, not because of d shoes... lol...

Inside the box~~~

Match Play...

Inside the Shoes... Tournament Edition on Centre Point Courts since 1949