Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ball Is Round

Yesterday was a big day for most of the football fans because there was a match going on for Liverpool and Manchester United... So few of us gathered in Nelson's house and watch the match... it starts at 7:45pm... kinda early.. I miss watching football with a lot of people together.. cause you can shout together like nobody's business.. haha

When the match started, i was still trying to get my dinner.. Suddenly, i heard them shouting... i went there.. Score edi wa at the 3rd minutes by Manchester United... So fast -.-" ... anyway, we continue to watch... Nelson was the only Liverpool fans.. there was 5 of us supporting Manchester United.. oh.. poor Nelson

Anyway, somehow i don't know how... Wes Brown got an own goal.. haha... so they draw and Babel scored a goal after he came up from sub... Of course, all of us were dumbfounded .. like open mouth big big.. haha..

The conclusion is : The ball is round. Anything can happen in football.

Tht's all for today.. =P

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