Friday, February 13, 2009

What have i been doing lately ?

Study.. haha... i'm very hardworking d ba.. uinah...

I went to futsal just now.. just for the sake of getting some exercise.. In A-level, life has been busier.. (duh~) My life is now filled with 3Ts... What are the 3Ts ? Tutorial ... Tuition ... and TEST ... lol

Previously my life was only filled with 2R and 2S .. Rest & Relax, Steady & Sleep.. lol..

It's not like i do a lot of revision anyway.. must start doing.. *God, please help me to motivate myself to study*

So anyway... tomorrow is Valentine's Day... no plans except going to church at night.. *yawn*

Here's something for you all...

Make my day.. haha...

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